Topic 9 DQ 4

Please respond with a paragraph to the following question, add citations and references:

When it comes to professional presentations it is important to make a strong and lasting impression. One strength I have is organization. Preforming a professional presentation organization of the information is a necessity to keep the audience engaged and interested in the topic. In addition to informational organization, the topic must relate to the audience. Capturing the audience attention can be half the battle when presenting an idea. By engaging the audience and creating a connection with the information and them; studies have shown that emotional connections but stronger interpersonal relationships (Erkaviran, 2018). In order to keep the audience engaged public speaking skills is also another necessity to keep the audience engage. I have very poor public speaking skills due to the lack of practice. Most of my nursing career I have not had the need for public speaking or presentations as I am often on the audience side of the presentation. Practice is what will allow me to strengthen my public speaking skills; as well as continuously talking to different colleges concerning the topic of discussion. This would not only allow me to be comfortable with the information but comfortable speaking to others and promoting my ideas.

Erkayiran, O., & Demirkiran, F. (2018). The Impact of Improving Emotional Intelligence Skills Training on Nursing Students’ Interpersonal Relationship Styles: A Quasi-experimental Study. International Journal of Caring Sciences, 11(3), 1901–1912. Retrieved from…

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