Typeset my resume Following a specific format

I hope you can revise my resume and improve my quality. Reduce spelling and grammar errors.

Typeset my resume Following a specific format (chronological or functional).

beside, you should add some thing:

Design is important. Consider the principles of design as you create your resume and organize content. Creating clean lines–through alignment–for example, allows reader-users to follow the overall structure of your resume. A splash of color might be helpful too. But don’t overdo it. And stick to professional colors such as blues.

Create a header. header should allow my name to stand out–either through color, font size, or both, and include your contact information.


After you revise my resume, I need you write a explanation. there are professor requirement.

please also include some context. Discuss the style of resume you chose to create (chronological or functional). Discuss your field/profession and how this resume draft addresses conventions, if any, from your specific field. Discuss the content, organization, and design.

1) Consider the resume content and organization. In what ways does the resume highlight education, jobs, experiences? Where might the resume need to be re-organized to better call attention to education, jobs, skills, and/or experiences?

2) Consider the overall design of the resume. In what ways are the principles of design (C.R.A.P.) being considered? Where might design improve? How might design help to highlight important aspects of the resume?

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