UC Irvine Understanding and Combatting Rape Culture Paper

This should be 2000-2500 words (approximately 8-10 double-spaced pages). It must directly relate to course themes/ concepts. Course themes and concepts can include but are not limited to: any weekly subheader topic from the syllabus or Gauchospace, any “Key Term” in the weekly lectures, or any main theme from an assigned reading (ex: “the girlfriend experience”, polyamory, migrant sex workers, etc). Your paper must include an introduction, conclusion, in-text citations from a minimum ten academic sources, a thesis statement, and evidence that advances your argument throughout the paper. You are welcome to use non-academic sources to supplement the ten minimum scholarly sources. You do not need to use the articles from your bibliography if your topic changed, or if you find something that fits better. You are required to use ALL ten articles on your works cited page in your paper!

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