UCI Week 2 Teachers Please Learn Our Names Article by Kohli & Solorzano Response

Reading the article”Teachers, please learn our names!” by Rita Kohli & Daniel G. Solórzano

Requirement: 1.Accurately and thoughtfully identifies article’s key arguments or ideas using YOUR OWN words. This is not a summary of the article. Writes clearly and uses specific examples. (use your own words to interpret the author’s ideas instead of merely dropping in a long direct quote.)

2. Concludes by answering of the following: *What do you think about the ideas presented in the reading? *How does this relate to your life and/or schooling experiences? (i wanna talk about high school)* What questions do you have?

3.Uses correct APA format to reference quotes, page numbers, and ideas from the readings.

4.All the work should be original.

————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-TIPS for writing your critical responses:

Yosso and Solorzano (2006) challenge the narrative of “resilience” when stating that “Chicana/o students and families should not have to compensate for the failure of the United States to educate all of its students equally” (p. 2).

  • This is how you cite author’s ideas (just include the name and year):

According to Freire (1970), praxis is the idea that thoughtful reflection precedes action, but that both are required in order to bring about liberatory education. Indeed, theory is just as valuable as practice (Freire, 1970).

  • Or, if there are two authors: (Kohli & Solorzano, 2012).

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