UCWR110 Loyola University Self Driving vs Manual Driving Cars Argumentative Essay

6pages; due in 2 days

I already have a rough frame of the paper, so you can find some sources based on my topic sentences. Feel free to add your own idea or change somethings. At least 2 scholarly sources, 2 popular sources.

Also, when you finish the paper, please write a separate page/ pages to evaluate four of the sources(2 scholarly + 2 general; btw, you can use as many source as you want in the essay) you used in the paper. It does not need to be long. Just give a few sentences for each source, such as is it scholarly? is it reliable? why you picked this one?

I will upload my guideline, my frame, and the example of bibliography for you.

Thank you! Please let me know if you have any question.

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