UNC Greensboro Edible Landscapes Food Science Paper

Written Paper Components (150 Points):

Topic: Edible Landscapes

  • Introduction (35 Points)
    • Identify and explain the issue
    • Introduce highlights and key points of the paper
  • Background of the issue (40 Points)
    • History of the issue
    • Leading causes
    • Where it’s most prevalent and why
    • Any solutions historically and currently used
  • Solution for the issue (40 Points)
    • Identify one new way we could address the issue
    • Explain at least 3 reason why you think your solution will be effective.
  • Discussion/Conclusion (15 Points)
    • Summarize your findings
    • Describe the outlook for the issue you researched
  • Reference/Bibliography (10 Points)
    • Utilize a minimum of 5 references outside of course materials
  • Formatting/Professionalism (10 Points)
    • 12-point font Times New Roman, or 11-point Arial, single-spaced with 1” margins
    • Consistent writing styles, proper grammar, free from typos, etc.
    • 3-4 pages in length

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