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Under the scientific management theory model, there might be a “temperature nurse,” a “medication nurse,” a nurse for the right side of the hall, and a nurse for the left side of the hall (Reverby, 1987). Its positives are that it was efficient, inexpensive, and there was no question about roles and duties. The negatives to this system are that patient satisfaction went down and the clients did not like it because they could not identify whom their nurse caregiver was. Nurses could not care for their patients in a holistic manner.

An example of participative decision making in the Chronic Wound and Burn Clinic is weekly meetings with staff and our morning huddles. Nurses, doctors, managers, and Occupational therapy meet and discuss issues on how the clinic is running; solutions; problems; difficult patients; care management; new patients; new policies and procedures. It works well for us because everyone has a say and we all feel that what we say matters. We are a very close team and we are like family who share a common goal to provide the best care for our patients and support each other.

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