Unit 2 Project

Task one:

You are an emergency manager in a medium-sized city. Your city manager is new to the position, from a human resource background, and is therefore unfamiliar with the risks posed by natural and technological hazards. Therefore, the city manager would like you to provide him with some introductory information related to risks and hazards, including appropriate response strategies to help him understand the challenges faced by your community and the nation overall.

At this point, your city manager is asking for the big picture and states that he will require additional specific details related to emergency management at a future date.

Assignment Guidelines

  • Your assignment is to complete an informational memorandum of 750–1,000 words that summarizes 2–3 of the most significant natural hazards facing America today.
    • Define the following terms, and provide 1 example and a brief explanation of each term:
      • Natural hazard
      • Technological hazard
      • Risk
      • Risk assessment
    • List and summarize 2–3 of the most significant natural hazards facing America today.
      • For each hazard listed, describe 1 appropriate response strategy that could be used to address the hazard.
  • Because your city is located in an area where natural hazards such as tornadoes and floods are a significant issue, your city manager would like for your informational memorandum to focus on natural hazards.

Task Two:

You are a newly hired fire or police chief (you may choose which) and are expected to address the city manager with your leadership objectives for the department. Start by writing an introductory speech to identify your leadership style and how you plan to effectively lead your firefighters or officers.

  • In 600–800 words, write an introductory speech to the city manager that addresses the following:
    • What types of leaders are required in dangerous occupations? Why?
    • How do emergency response leaders differ from public policy leaders? Explain.
    • What do you want the city manager to know about you? Why?
    • What do you want newly hired first responders to know about you? Why?
    • From what you have learned about HR organizations and hiring expectations, how does your leadership style translate into the types of people you would hire? Explain.
  • Be sure to use the course materials, course articles, Web resources, and evidence from your own research to support your arguments.
  • All sources must be referenced using APA style.

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