Unit V Assignment


Research Methodology

For this assignment, you will be creating and (ADDING) an additional one page methodology section to the research paper you have already been working on thus far. This section will include an explanation of your participants and the recruitment process you would use (quota sampling, opportunity sampling, etc.). You will also specify whether your method is qualitative, quantitative, or mixed and the types of measures to be used (for example: surveys, reaction time, interview, etc.) as well as explain any ethical considerations involved in your paper. Make sure to consider the participants’ well-being and how you could make accommodations without changing conditions. Within your methodology section, you will answer and address the following items:

  • Participant demographics, recruitment method, and rationale for selection.
  • How will you carry out your research?
  • What measures/tools are needed? (Also, start thinking about what statistical test or data analysis you would use in the results section for Unit VI.)
  • What kinds of tasks will you have participants do?
  • What are the ethical considerations? Could anyone be harmed by participation (mentally/physically or minor/major risks)? How can you work to ensure confidentiality?

Reliability and validity should both be addressed as bedrock principles of scientific research. The textbook that you used in your Research Methods course is a good source that you can use to refresh yourself on the definitions of reliability and validity. Remember that citations and references are necessary within your methodology section to provide support for the ways you are increasing reliability and validity.   I have included the research paper  here as well. 

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