University of California Final ePortfolio Reflective Introduction Peer Review

Directions: Please write your responses to the questions below in a separate Word document, using complete sentences. When you are finished, upload your review here, as well as to your partner’s draft.

1) Does the student make concrete claims about the progress of his/her writing in specific areas, or is this just a summary of work done in class? If so, list some of their specific claims. If not, offer some advice about how and where they can make their general claims more specific.

2) Is there an element of narrative to the overall Reflective Introduction? Do you have a sense of how this student’s writing progressed and evolved, or does this feel like a list?

3) Is there some attempt to reflect on why or how each moment of difficulty or improvement helped the student learn or progress as a writer, or is the structure more along the lines of “I did X, then I got better”?

4) Does the student support these claims with sufficient evidence?

  1. a) If they use images, are there detailed captions and explanations within or next to the image? Are these captions distinct from the main body of text?
  2. b) If text, does the student identify specific sentences, words, or moments as evidence to substantiate his/her claims?
  3. c) Does the student use reference to other parts of the portfolio to evidence claims? Does the student draw from peer review, instructor comments, and pre-writing material?

5) Does the author address both successes AND struggles, or does this feel like a uniform narrative of triumphal progress? Does the author make some attempt to address remaining gaps in her or her writing?

6) Are you convinced by the student’s claims of learning or progress in the four main areas (Transferring What You Know, Your Composing Process, Rhetoric, Argumentation, & Multi-modal Communication, and Revision)? Why or why not? Point out a moment where the evidence seems insufficient to justify the claim.

7) Are there typos, grammatical glitches, and other surface-level hitches? Are there errors that interfere with your reading or understanding? If so, gently point these out to the author.

8) Are there any other suggestions you can offer the writer at this time?

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