User Segmentation and Personas – Beverage Company Assignment

Select a product, service or retail experience that you find distinctive and with which you’ve recently been engaged. Identify three potential users of this service. One of them should be yourself but abstracted into a “type”. The other two should be as different from yourself as your selected product/service/experience allows. Personas normally emerge from design research such as surveys, behavioral mapping, interviews, etc. In this case you’ll need to use your own imagination and insight so be sure you’ve selected an area of focus that you know pretty well or else go do some observation and identify your users in the wild!

Create Design Personas for each of your user groups. Give the persona a name and find a photo of what you think they look like. Identify their career, interests, background, hobbies, etc. Make sure that anybody who reads about your persona can totally identify “who that person is”.

Next come up with clever names for each group of users in what is known as a “user segmentation”. Refer to the three segments I came up with for the different stages of a caterpillar’s life. Those are good examples. You can also try Googling “user segmentations” for additional examples. Design strategists love coming up with clever alliterative and rhyming segmentations here’s your chance to exercise a bit of this strategic design acumen.

Create a single PDF that indicates your Personas, labeled by their User Segmentation, and breaks down the profile into a narrative description of each persona, their goals and the pain points their group experiences related to their experience with the product.

Finally express two design improvements for your product, service or experience, one each for two of your three personas, based upon their particular profile.

Post your PDF which should include sketches or descriptions of your two design improvements below their related personas

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