Using Personality Profiles To Understand Counselling Career

Format: 3-4 pages, double spaced, typed, #12-13 font Content: 1. Use Personality Profiles from the handout distributed in class, Chapter 2, and “Do What You Are” to write a general description of your personality. State first what your personality is. Read through the various profiles and highlight the phrases that best describe your personality. Focus on the positives: your strengths, gifts and talents. Summarize this profile on your paper. Use your own words to summarize the profile rather than copying directly from the source. Make sure to use examples to illustrate your point. You started this summary in class. (One page minimum) 2. Describe the four letter codes of your personality (E or I), (S or N), (T or F), or (J or P). Use personal examples to illustrate your understanding of each letter. You must relate each letter of your personality to your employment, i.e., how does being “I or N or F relate to your current employment. (If you are not employed, think of past or future employment.) (One page minimum) 3. Highlights any specific majors, careers, and occupations as suggested by the class handouts, the book and “Do What You Are.” 4. End the composition with your personal evaluation of the various descriptions of your personality? Was “Do What You” an accurate assessment? How so? Was it helpful in understanding yourself? Was it helpful in choosing or confirming your choice of a major or career? Did you notice any similarities or differences between “Do What You Are”, class handout, and the book? What are they? 5. You may find it interesting to look at your personality profiles using other resources. These are available on the Internet at They are also available in the book by Paul and Barbara Tieger listed below. You may want to practice the skimming technique with these profiles and highlight phrases that you agree with and that describe them well

for the job use a future job working at a restaurant.

and use ENTP for personality

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