Video game assignment

I would like someone to re-write my assignment so as to include the following points made by the teacher. I need a total of 1.5 PAGES SINGLE-SPACED. Attached is my assignment and below are the teacher’s comments.

I really like that you narrow to 7-12 age range and included some papers. I think you will find a lot of papers on the topic dealing with pros and cons. I would imagine you would construct your paper arguing the many sides and then use all the information to make a recommendation to some place such as the City Public school board. You may even want to narrow to a specific subject that is taught/learned and see if there are studies on the outcomes.

Some points to consider

1. What makes a video game? My daughter completed a daily math exercise on the computer to memorize the times tables. It is based on speed, repetition and retention. Is this a video game? Please rectify

2. There is also some interesting debate on addiction to video games and whether genetics or the environment lead to this addiction.

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