Vulnerabilities and Exploits, writing homework help

The topic is about : Vulnerabilities and Exploits

all sources must be from 2014 or later.

must select one source (5 pages or longer) and provide the following information –

  • Summary (5 sentences – 2 pts)
  • What did you learn from the article (ie. What new information and insight can you provide the class? – Nothing? Choose another article.) (4 sentences – 2 pts)
  • How does the article relate to the material covered in the lecture? (4 sentences – 2 pts)
  • Where can the information provided by the article be applied? How can this information be used? (4 sentences – 2 pts)
  • Identify two stakeholders / users that will use the information above and explain the appropriate context (4 sentences – 2 pts)

# put it under this format when finish writing:

Article Title – Author(s) – Year of Publication – Journal Article





Use Cases

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