Wachovia’s CAS, or Content Access Services, writing homework help

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Wachovia’s CAS, or Content Access Services, was designed, after a merger, to provide, “customer service, brokerage and workflow applications with a single point of access” (Lee, 2010). One concept I appreciated was the consideration for business impact. The company focused on ease of use for employees, to allow more efficiency and flexibility. They realized that, “the easier it was to access and leverage this content enterprise-wide, the better Wachovia would be able to live up to its commitment as a customer-focused organization” (Harris et al, 2005). Storage issues and merger issues were well thought out, and considered all dilemmas and options. They considered what needed to be fixed, and how he business would benefit from the solutions.

When an issue presented itself to which there was no readily available solution, Wachovia created an application, such as the case with SmartSolution. This application was specifically designed for retail brokers and front-office staff, so that they could have easy access to client information. Wachovia also encorporated off-the-shelf technology, even though it didn’t solve all the issues. However, this technology was modified and added to, so that it would eventually work for the company. I was impressed with the enterprise integration used by Workflow and Imaging Technologies (WIT). WIT agreed to operate and maintain their content-integration technology, while Wachovia handled construction and general use.

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