Wallace’s Five-Fold Classification and the Passover Seder, writing homework help

In the textbook, Studying Religion Chapter 5 on Ritual, it discusses the typology (classification system) used by Anthony Wallace to help understand “Rituals” (Pages 93-94.) As the book says, Wallace sees religious rituals as aiming to “bring about or to prevent changes”, and he, therefore, classifies rituals into five types according to the types of changes or transformations they are thought to cause or prevent. Read Chapter Five, and especially read the description of the Research Case of the seder, the Jewish ritual meal held in the home during the Passover holiday.

After reading Chapter 5, use Wallace’s fivefold classification system to classify and analyze the seder ritual. a) Using Wallace’s typology, which one or more of Wallace’s five types would apply to the seder? Why would this (these) types apply to the seder? b) The section on pages 97-98 discusses the relation between myth and ritual. How do you see myth and ritual being related in the case of the Passover seder?

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