Watch the two films and make thematic comparison, film assignment help

Choose one of the topics and write 4-5 pages

1) This topic allows the student to become the Master for once. It’s your chance to decide what should be on the syllabus. Between now and the due date, your assignment is to watch TWO comedy films with similar thematic elements on your own, or with friends and family… or strange older members of the opposite sex. Once you watch them, imagine you’re responsible for leading a discussion about them. What would you impart to your students about humor, film, and any specific issues that these films represent? Basically, pretend you’re me, only a lot skinnier. It is important that you actually watch the movies you discuss, because ideally, this class will have changed the way you think about movies you’ve seen 20 times. You’re getting college credit to watch funny movies: appreciate that, don’t take it for granted.

2) Write something, creative and analytical, that includes at least 2 (any 2) of the main characters we’ve encountered thus far. Basically, put different characters into different situations to explore their varying perspectives. You get the idea… I hope. This option should include about 3 pages of a scene involving the characters you choose, and 2 pages of exposition, detailing your ideas and objectives for the scene and the larger work from which that scene might be extrapolated. This will be graded largely on how well your analysis matches your creativity, or how effectively your scene deals with the ideas in your exposition. Too often creativity and analysis are considered opposing ideals, prove ‘em wrong.

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