Water Pollution: Its Causes (Sources) Impacts to the Environment

Individual Assignment on Environmental Issues

Different environmental problems exist due to many factors, which are usually caused by human

beings. In this group assignment, students are asked to write an in-depth analysis of the problem

given using the e-book. The analysis should contain the following parts answer the questions under

each part:

a. Introduction

This must introduce the topic by giving a definition of the different terms that will be

discussed in the body.

b. Body

What are the causes and origin of the problems? What are its effects on the environment

(resources) and human beings? Advantages and disadvantages must be given here.

Tables, charts, or graphs in presenting data or information will be given additional points.

c. Conclusion

Provide your points of view about what will happen if the situation continues. What impacts

or effects would the problem bring to the ecosystem?

d. Recommendation

Give a good recommendation/s on how the problem/s will be solved and how each

individual like you can help in solving the identified problem with consideration to

Note: Make sure that the format should be followed.

Your assignment should be 2-3 pages excluding the title page and references.

* when you finish from my assignment i have to submit in turnitin and that website its looking or searching in my assignment words if i taken from any resource of ( internet, students , books, newspaper …) so you have be careful in that to not become higher then 5%.

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