Website Comparison 2

Website Comparison

This exercise asks students to review the usability and persuasiveness objectives and strategies for a comparable pair of websites for two airlines. Students will need to identify the guidelines that the Websites satisfy, along with the guidelines they don’t.

When completing this handout, an interesting website to visit is UX Matters.

The link provided directs you to an article by Eric Shaffer published in 2009 titled “Beyond Usability: Designing Web Sites for Persuasion, Emotion, and Trust.”


1. Visit 2 of the websites below and explore them carefully.

Choose two sites to compare:

American Airlines Homepage:

United Airlines Homepage:

Southwest Airlines Homepage:

Delta Airlines Homepage:

2. Then complete the attached checklists for this assignment (2 are attached).

– Identify which site you reviewed at the top of the form. (ex. Delta)

– Assess the persuasiveness objectives (rankings) for each of the sites in the categories noted. Make your selections on the checklist by darkening, underscoring or coloring your choice.

3. Compare and contrast the two websites and address the following at the bottom of the second checklist:

A) Identify two design elements whereby the sites compare favorably in terms of their persuasiveness. Write an assessment as to why you think this is the case.

B) Identify two design elements where one site seems to be better than the other, along with your explanation as to why you think this is.

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