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Jiang et al. (2012), have some interesting ideas surrounding the idea of a patient-driven adaptive prediction technique that is designed to improve the personalized risk estimation for clinical support. With these technologies, it has shown an increase in the quality of patient care. This type of technology is helpful in many ways when it comes to minimizing risk. For one, it is much more accurate than other similar technologies such as BEST, CROSS and RANDOM, that were mentioned in the article. Also, the article discusses how it uses a different set of features, parameters and samples that allow for better accuracy and lower risk. Therefore, lowering their risk of serious health conditions in the future. Also, it is encouraging patients on preventative care because they become aware of what diseases they are at risk of developing which then creates the need to take preventative action. This is similar to how it promotes health. By assessing the risk of developing certain conditions, patients seek out health care services to either prevent or maintain their health status from further destruction. It also is helpful in encouraging patient engagement because of one of its key attributes of being “patient-driven”. By encouraging the patients to use this technique and assess their risk, it is getting them involved and helping them understand where the risk is, why it is there and what they can do to prevent it from worsening.

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