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Many nurses are continuing their nursing education and plan to continue to work in their institution. Some have already completed their education and are working as Nurse Practitioner’s (NP) in public health. Section 5204 (p. 491) establishes a public health workforce loan repayment program to assure an adequate supply of public health professionals to eliminate workforce shortages in public health agencies. It may repay up to one-third of loans incurred by the public health or health professions student in exchange for employment with a public health agency for at least three years (American Nurses Association, 2010). Other nurses see these nurses working and earning their degrees and are inspired to return to school. Furthermore, increasing the number of NPs in the workforce will help improve patient quality of care and fill the gaps of the declining workforce of primary care physicians (Naylor & Kurtzman, 2010).

I work with a nurse who just completed the master’s degree program. She plans to keep her job while also teaching. Section 5310 (p. 513) will repay some of her loan in exchange for her agreeing to work for at least 2 years as a faculty member at an accredited school of nursing (American Nurses Association, 2010). This will allow her to make money while getting help to pay back her loans. It will also supply one more nursing instructor to help produce more nurses, which helps combat the nursing shortage. The lack of nursing schools and instructors are one cause for the nursing shortage (Rosseter, 2015). The nursing shortage may affect nurses by causing them to work short staffed increasing their work load causing fatigue and increasing the risk of errors.

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