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Since I am currently moving out of state and not employed at the moment, I took on health care issues in the military specifically PTSD with veterans. The military is a unique organization and has its own challenges when it comes to health care. Most people when faced with mental health issues go seek help without employment repercussions or can find another job even if currently going to therapy. Military is different. Most veterans do not seek mental health for fear of peers/coworkers thinking they are weak and not resilient to effects of wars. Most veterans are afraid of seeking help for their PTSD, they would like to seek employment after serving in the military. Employers do not want to hire a veteran who has been in combat, in case the employee has a mental breakdown.

The military members can get lost in the shuffle when it comes to assessment of PTSD symptoms. Some military have civilian doctors and most nurses are not familiar with the questions to ask to assist the veterans suffering from PTSD. Nurses are the front lines of health care for patients, they are the ones who see the patients more often and will notice the little things that are not quite adding up, or making sense. Finding out a patient has PTSD is very important for the nurse to find help for the patient. “Currently, most VA and non-VA medical professionals do not routinely screen for trauma history or PTSD (war-related or otherwise), so the majority of trauma survivors with
problems go undetected” (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Implications for Primary Care, 2002, p. 21).

Another implication is finding out what is available for that patient. Medications is not the answer for veterans suffering from PTSD. Cognitive, music, art, etc therapy and outside resources such as Wounded Warriors program to help veterans integrate themselves back into society without the anxiety and stress associated with PTSD. There are so many outside resources available to these veterans that most military members do not know about. Nurses and medical providers have the opportunity to provide members with these resources while assessing their patients for PTSD symptoms.

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