week 4 disc 24 networking for a nursing career, writing homework help

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In a nursing career networking can be especially helpful for finding out about new positions, meeting mentors, learning about interesting industry events, and other development opportunities.

Networking is a great way to make personal connections and build relationships with other nursing professional. You can share tips and advice, lean on each other for support, and commiserate. Networking is important because if you hope to advance to a managerial or leadership position, networking can help you take these next steps. Having a strong network behind you can help set you apart. (Networking Tips to Advance Your Nursing Career, 2015, August 18).

Professional meetings and events are ideal opportunities for personal affiliations. Colleagues, friends, and relatives are examples of personal affiliations. These personal affiliations are there for you for support and encouraging.

Personal affiliations and networking are both important. They can offer opportunities for advancement in your career plus having someone to help cope with challenges.

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