Wes’s respective story, writing homework help

Ill provide the book pages, book name plus the prompt !

English 48 Portfolio:

Reader Response

In a 1000 word composition, respond to the following prompt as it relates to The Other Wes Moore:

Why has the life of each Wes Moore turned out so differently from the other? What does the author want us to better understand about the many factors – both voluntary and involuntary – that influenced the lives that they each led?

In your response, make sure to consider and include the the following:

The KEY DETAILS of each Wes’s respective story.

The KEY PEOPLE who played important roles in each Wes’s life.

The KEY QUOTES from the story (3-5, with citations) that provide insight and support your points.

The KEY CONCEPTS reflected throughout the book that link each Wes’s story.

The KEY CONNECTIONS between each Wes’s story, as well as other stories we’ve read in this class.

The KEY CONCLUSIONS reached by the author about the lives of each Wes Moore.

Include your response with your Portfolio #2. You will not be required to complete separate Key Sheets for The Other Wes Moore.

The Name of the book is The Other Wes Moore, please reference to the book using the pages numbers and ch ill be providing pages pictures of them and all you may use spark notes please no pilgrims please quote back to it

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