What defines when something is and is not discrimination?, assignment help

Submit a proposal for your final paper. This document should include a thesis question related to the course material. This question should not be answerable with a simple yes or no response. For example, “Does racism still exist?” Propose what, how, or why questions, such as, “How is residential segregation perpetuated in the post-civil rights era?” to circumvent this problem. Second, students should propose a thesis statement that directly answers the aforementioned thesis question. Third, each outline should include an introduction, three substantive sections supporting the thesis statement, sub-points related to each substantive section, and a conclusion. The sub-points should be a minimum of 2-3 sentences in length and the conclusion a full paragraph. Finally, students should include a reference section that includes at least four academic-related sources (see attached example for formatting).

All outlines should be three-pages in length, and include a title page, substantive page (thesis question/statement, body paragraph summary, conclusion), and reference page (APA formatted).

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