What is the National Security and Cyberspace questions in this assignment?

A 3,000 words detailed presentation for the head of the task force with your policy recommendations for a new cybersecurity policy, strategy, or federal law regulating the Internet or proposing solutions to any policy gaps identified. Consider what you have learned about the issue of privacy, the history of the Internet, its rapid technological evolution, and the role that national security plays in policy. Also, consider the pressure placed upon the government by the private sector, the marketplace, and the influence of foreign governments with an interest in U.S. policy.

Your final presentation should contain the following:

  • Describe how current policy, strategy, or law fails to meet its stated objectives.
  • Give a synopsis of your recommendations for improvements in current cybersecurity policy, strategy, or law.
  • Discuss any potential challenges in the rollout of your proposal, with a recommended response plan if these challenges should be realized.
  • Explain how national security and cybersecurity policies impact local law enforcement.

Finally, share your supported opinion on who should dominate the cybersecurity policy debate: the individual, the private sector, or the government.

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