Who Is Herman Northrop Frye? Biography Writing Help

For Week Eight’s blended time activity, as we have discussed in class, please, one, think about NORTHROP FRYE and his literary critical work for which you will search in at least three places. Two, on a new document, answer the following questions: a. WHEN did FRYE live and die?; b. WHAT is his biggest, most powerful, or effective critical work?; c. what FIVE literary works does FRYE consider to be the greatest of all time?; d. after your research on FRYE and relooking critical perspectives on page 1919, in the course text, what CRITICAL PERSPECTIVE does FRYE take, and HOW do you support that answer?; and e. WHY have I, as instructor, asked you to look at this particular critic in depth? For this particular BTA, you MUST list at least three resources to back up your written work. Three, SAVE your work. Then, four, submit your answers to those questions by engaging the SUBMIT button and attaching your work. Please, do remember to use MICROSOFT WORD, TIMES NEW ROMAN, a PITCH of TWELVE, DOUBLE SPACE, and MLA HEADING

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