Why Jazz Music is Overrated

Jazz music, as well as well as other creative music genres that require highly trained virtuoso musicians such as “Classical “ music, represent a very small percentage of the total recorded Music Sales and concert attendance numbers. Jazz is a music that requires highly skilled musicians who are not only some of the best in the world at playing their particular instrument, they also are highly trained and skilled in the art of Improvisation, with the ability to hear, and create with other highly skilled improvisers at an astonishing level. This is one of the reasons why Jazz audiences really love to listen to Jazz music, because they appreciate the amazing musicianship and skill on display in recordings and concerts.

  1. Present your opinion about WHY Jazz music is only listened to and appreciated by a small percentage of listeners. (You should research expert opinions on this topic to help develop your opinion.)
  2. Present 2 suggestions for how today’s Jazz artists could grow their audience.
    1. Include links to examples that support your suggestions:

For Example:

1. an artist’s social media platform (website/youtube/Instagram, etc.. ) that you think is effective (any style of music, but needs to apply to a jazz artist)

2. a marketing/publicity strategy you think would be effective

3. a dissemination strategy for recordings (how recordings are made available to potential audience/consumers.)

research some expert opinions on this topic to help you make an informed opinion.

Your opinion about WHY Jazz music is only listened to and appreciated by a small percentage of listeners should have some basis in facts, and you should support your opinion with references to some research you do. Don’t just make up a reason and present it, if you are not sure it is true.

For instance, I could say that “Jazz would be more popular if it wasn’t being performed by “old people”, and not support that opinion with any research. That is an opinion that may have some validity, but I would need to find some research that shows that it REALLY is mostly OLD people that play jazz. If I don’t present any research to support my opinion, I would NOT get a very good grade for my Discussion opinion. (In reality there are a LOT of young (amazing) jazz musicians trying to work out how to make a living in the new economic model.)

For my suggestion about how to get a bigger audience I might say that “Jazz Artists would have a bigger live audience if they gave away FREE PIZZA at their concerts.” This could be a good idea as well, but it needs to have some proof and facts that support that opinion. There are also articles about “how to build your Jazz audience” that can be found in many different musician magazines and online blogs, etc.. You should look at some of these first, to see examples of live concert audience building strategies that have worked and build your opinion/suggestions from that.

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