WK5 OLLU Transforming Family Systems Using Structural Family Therapy

Assignment 1

Transforming Family Systems Using Structural Family Therapy

300-350 words, cite, and reference APA

After having watched the Structural Family Therapy Video at right, answer the following:

  • Dr. Bitter is working with a somewhat larger family in this video. From a structural point of view, does the family seem enmeshed, disengaged or appropriately aligned?
  • What was Dr. Bitter trying to achieve when he asked the family members to change places? How do you think this worked?
  • How do you think this technique works when working with Hispanic families? Can you suggest any modifications?

This is the video


Assignment 2

Theoretical Interview

This one you can use your family are make up one.

Part A – Case Summary Write a case summary of your family. The summary should be one-page, single-spaced and use the same format as this case example.
The summary should have these subheadings:

  • Identified Clients
  • Presenting Problems
  • Intake
  • Questions
  • Family Members Participating

Assignment #3

Solution-Focused Therapy

After having watched the Solution-Focused Family Therapy Video at right, answer/address the following:

  • Dr. Bitter keeps the interview focused on questions of difference most of the time. Does this work with the family?
  • When working with Hispanic families, what questions might have been more effective from either a solution-focused or solution-oriented perspective (given the same scenario)?

Due-300-350 words.


Assignment 4

In a paper, revisit the assignment through the “lens” of some of the different theories that have been covered in this class.

This is a final reflection paper from the first one you done a few weeks ago. You can go off that one.

The paper should include:

  • An analysis of your family genogram using one of the theories covered to critically examine the family issues that may affect your professional use of self in practice and your (and/or family members’) social and psychological functioning.
  • An explanation of why you chose this theory.
  • A discussion of the family patterns or issues you’d like to explore more thoroughly.
  • A plan to address these so that they don’t inhibit you effective work with families as a social worker.
  • Revisit your self-awareness discussion from your initial reflection and comment on which pieces of that awareness has changed through the course.
    Self-awareness can be assessed in terms of your own ethnic self-identification, cultural socialization and accompanying biases, understanding of the values patterns and worldviews of yourself and other culturally diverse populations, especially Hispanic families, etc.

The paper should be between 2 and 3 double-spaced pages, not including title page or references, and must be in correct APA style and free of grammar and spelling errors.

my genogram consist of my mother and father which are not hear anymore also grandparents. I have a twin and one other sis, and two old brothers.

Assignment 5

VoiceThread – Critical Course Reflection

Now that you’ve completed all aspects of the course and been introduced to several of the different theories and techniques used when working with families, answer the following questions using information from your text and other readings to explain your answers.

  • Which theories / techniques can you imagine yourself using in the future? Why these?
  • Which techniques / theories do you not think you will use in your future practice? Why not?
  • What are the strengths you bring to your future work with culturally diverse families?
  • What concerns you the most about working with families, especially Hispanic families?
  • What are the two most important things you are taking away from this course?

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