World Regional Geography, writing homework help

Read chapter 1 in the textbook and choose any topic within it. Summarize the topic *in your own words* and then give your opinion about the topic. Why was it interesting to you? What do you think about the topic?

This is worth 10 points, so be sure to write at least 5 sentences.

Spelling and grammar count toward your grade. (Note: if English is not your first language, please be sure to review it for grammar and/or have someone else review it for you or run it through a translator or spell checker).

Write about 50 words.

Read chapter 2 in the textbook and chose ONE of the “Critical Thinking Questions” at the end of the chapter to answer here.

This is worth 10 points, so should be approximately 5 complete, informative sentences. If you choose to reference textbook material, make sure you do not copy word for word, rather paraphrase in your own words.

Remember that spelling and grammar count towards the grade!

Write about 50 words.

You will deliver me at least 100 words total for both assignment.

I will provide the online link to access the book, account and password once you got the bid.

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