World Religion

  • Research Paper: Each student will also complete a research paper (3- 4 pages, double-spaced.) The objective is to discuss one aspect of religion, as discussed in class, and how it has changed and developed through time. You must use relevant examples from an outside source, such as specific works of art, texts, and reliable internet resources. Wikipedia is not a reliable source and will not be accepted. Citation is absolutely required. Any plagiarism will cause your paper to fail.

Suggested Topics: Choose one to write on

A. One of the goals of religion is to promote unity with nature and with human beings. But instead of promoting unity, religion has been the cause of much strife and division. Develop and recommend a process to promote the unity sought by the many religions.

B. Religions face many contemporary threats. Such threats could lead to the demise or extinction of religious practices. Identify some of these threats and develop a practical path that can be used to overcome such threats.

C. What role does religion play in the ongoing conflict in the Middle East? Develop a path to bring about peace in the region, using both Judaism and Islam as case studies

F. The veracity of Christianity rises or falls on the person of Jesus; discuss, giving specific reasons to support your position

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