Would You Invest in a Socially Responsible Mutual Fund?, writing homework help

Would You Invest in a Socially Responsible Mutual Fund?(Only one page long, write in your own word.)

Everyone wants to do some good in the world. But when we invest our hard-earned money, we want it to perform well for us. That’s where the idea of socially responsible investing (SRI) comes in. This type of investing reflects your own social values and ethical standards. SRI funds reflect attitudes on everything from the environment to antidiscrimination. Investors wishing to learn more about these funds and their specific missions can go to http://www.socialfunds.com/ (链接到外部网站。), where numerous such funds are listed. Is the creation of socially responsible funds actually in investors’ best interest? Would you invest? Do you believe that people’s investments should reflect their values and their overall worldview? Why or why not? How do you balance your personal beliefs with your desire to make money? Should you worry about this at all? You don’t have to answer all these questions, they are there to get your thoughts rolling.

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