WR39C Domestic Workers Advocacy Project Proposal

In approximately 300 words, write a formal proposal that clarifies your topic, your observations on problems that arise from your topic, your position on solving these problems, and the information you hope to find during research to assist you in finding solutions. Be sure to emphasize the relevancy of your topic today and the urgency to seek solutions. Finally, be specific in the solutions you offer.

Below are guides to write the proposal

The Advocacy Project asks that you support a position in regards to a problem that you observe in the world. This problem should be linked to the topics we have discussed in our class such as gender inequities, racial/cultural divides amongst types of labor work, barriers to advancement opportunities based on geographic and language background, socioeconomic exploitation of worker demographics, and bio-control within colonial, post-colonial and neo-imperialistic power dynamics that uses bodies for service. Whatever problem you choose, start to narrow the range of issues now.

Task one: free-write for five minutes to explore your interests on the topic. (This may be a shorter task if you are using the same problem that you addressed in the HCP—in which case, simply write one sentence to establish the topic)

Task two: write three solutions that you might argue to advance the state of the problem addressed in your project.

Task three: evaluate each of your solutions by applying each of the below questions to them.

  1. Does the solution address the cause of the problem?
  2. Does the solution satisfactorily address the problem for a significant number of those most affected by the problem?
  3. Does the solution’s benefits exceed its costs?
  4. Is the solution feasible? Realistic? Easy to implement? Sustainable?
  5. Has a similar solution worked well in another comparable context?
  6. What argument(s) might opponents make about this solution?

The problem you pick will be based on the thesis statement of Historical Conversations Project Draft. I have uploaded below.

You may also get primary sources from the article “American’s Dirty Work” .

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