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  • You should be able to see a pattern of the issues related to your own career field after researching the articles from last week’s assignment. After you have researched these dominant issues and controversies related to your chosen career, choose one issue on which to develop an essay of 1000 to 1500 words that intelligently addresses that issue.

******** LAST WEEK ASSIGNMENT***********

  • Janesia CobbsDelta
  • State University Readings on a Controversial Topic in Your Chosen Field
  • 4/12/2017
    • Modern day, physical body health is integral to living a healthy life. However, how important is body exercise in daily life and its impact to managing lifestyle related illnesses? Physical exercises that you carry out affect every organ in the body (Minter-Jordan). The mentality in an individual also changes, and therefore the body eventually adopts. Taking reference to a highly physical sport as rugby, we look at the importance ofphysical exercises and how important they are to ensuring individuals remain fit and avoid consequentially injurious tackles (Posthumus). In general, the articles focus on the scientific perspective on how energy is broken down through muscle build up. Moreover, the focused exercises and their effect to the focus area intended. Ultimately, the articles also focus on the mental, physical and psychological perspective and benefits of exercise.However, with many people confusing between intense exercises for bodybuilding and for longevity and health benefits, the articles help define the underlying differences (Hegde). The articles also highlight what is necessary for who and why.


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