write a 300-500 word blog related to your persona or brand. No “Plagiarism”

Please write a 300-500 word blog related to your persona or brand. It can be a product review, a journal of an activity that relates, or ANYTHING that helps showcase your brand.

Also, take 4-5 photos, vertical usually but horizontally if it works better, that reflect your brand and have a consistent look. They do not have to be your photos necessarily, you can do memes, inspirational quotes, etc… but HOW DO YOU SET YOURSELF APART?

i want you to write about my brand ( my aim ) i want to help people to chose their stylie and how to be Affordable stylish outfit on budget here some example ( i like how she start )


Also i made this pictures its called “outfit the day” , how to be elegant or stylish or any other word on budget under 100$ , so each look was under 100$

i want you to describe each look ,CLASSIC, SPORT … etc why i choose the look , for what time something like this with more detail . I already open blog and i put the 5 outfit with just detail about the price for each pieces and from where people can buy it and also i translate some article from my native language to English and the translate is bad , so i want you to rewrite it by your own word

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