Write a 6 pages paper of the cultural reasons of the establish of American government.

Paper needs Include 1. Introduction 2.Body which includes 3 essays 3.Conclusion

Do not introduce how the government works, explain the reason why government work in that way with American cultural reasons.

For example, why there are 2 senators from each state, or why do president has its cabinet?

Explain why we have three parts of power? Also, you can explain from why did George Washington and Thomas Jefferson finally sit together and work together.

Go back to history (but not too much), find something specific, and explain the cultural reason of the government system set up.

The paper needs a clear thesis statement in the introduction. Also, the body part needs 3 essays, and each of them needs a thesis. Add a subheading for each essay.

Explain all the reasons from American culture angle.

5 or 6 references needed and also need to cite them well.

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