Write the advent of social media over the past decade, writing homework help

Write a well developed essay, a minimum of 750 words, on the topic assigned. Here is your prompt:

Write the advent of social media over the past decade, there has been a proliferation of what is referred to as “fake news.” What was once simply rumor or urban legend has now been elevated to appear as if these are articles from reputable news outlets. Never has this been more apparent that in the recent presidential election cycle. This continues to play out in the out in the back and forth between President Trump’s tweets, Fox News, CNN, the New York Times, and other news outlets. In your essay, explain what is meant by the term “fake news,” and explore the ways that you determine what is trustworthy and what is made up. How do you look for bias or outright fabrication in stories that are shared on Facebook? How do you determine if a “tweet” has any factual merit? Where is the truth to be found? What about “alternative facts”? Your target audience will be your peers.

You will be graded on the clarity and depth of your presentation, organization, unity, coherence, grammatical correctness, and proper tone. Make your case.

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