Writing Assignment: Presenting an Ancient Civilization

Writing Assignment: Presenting an Ancient Civilization

20 points

This assignment will require you to select an ancient civilization that you studied in Growth of Civilizations unit from the list below and prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Use the following format to guide you in the development of this assignment.

  1. Choose ONE of the following ancient civilizations:
     a. Ancient Greek: Alexander the Great’s Empire
     b. Ancient Rome: Julio-Claudian Empire
     c. Ancient America: Maya
     d. Ancient China: Han Dynasty
     e. Ancient Indian: Gupta Empire
  2. Conduct research about this civilization, documenting your sources in MLA format (for more information, refer to Unit 1 of this course).
  3. Prepare a PowerPoint presentation in the following format:
    Title Slide: Name of civilization and map identifying where they were located
    Slide One: Create a graphic organizer similar to the example below, highlighting the important points of your research.

Slide Two: More information about your key figures and their roles in civilization

Slide Three: More information about the type of government found in this civilization

Slide Four: Discuss the religious beliefs of the people and/or government.

Slide Five: Identify the cultural and scientific achievements of this civilization.

Last Slide: Sources listed in MLA format

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