writing for safety

You can move out of your parent’s basement and start paying off your student loans.Your job is with Slippery Rock Whiffle Ball Perforators.The whiffle ball industry has be booming and they are looking at putting on several new workers. The company’s workforce is growing older and the boss is worried that safety and workers compensation costs are going to skyrocket.He’s wondering if he should just classify them all as independent contractors.Also, the boss is worried that workers coming home from military deployment might have some injuries that he might be responsible for.He remembers you saying that you had a world class teacher in college that told you everything you needed to know.The boss has mandated that there be a coordinated program to cover safety and WC and you are large and in charge.

To produce a great program, you go back to your notes and PowerPoint presentations to make sure you covered every aspect of WC.Use your material from class to construct a list of things you want to put into your program.You will begin with the onboarding process to the unlikely event of an injury.Lists the “do’s and don’ts for handling an injury to include the benefits that are due the worker.You will want to include any possible employees that might be affected by ADA. Your program, (and quiz), will be judged by how comprehensive your work is.Don’t worry about how much you include, this is a comprehensive exercise.

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