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Stress and the Police Officer

Instructor wrote:
Due to the high level of stress, would you consider funding a 20 year retirement for officers?
This would also help attract the best candidates and allow for better success.

Police officers in the United States are typically allowed to retire at half pay after only 20 years of service or three-quarter pay after 30 years, allowing people to retire in their early forties or fifties (Bucci, 1992). In Jacksonville Florida police officers can retire after 20years. In the current benefit system, for instance, a police officer who retires at the age of 45 after notching 20 years of service can pull in about $3.1 million in pension payments over the course of his lifetime and his surviving spouse’s lifetime, according to a Times-Union analysis. (Baueriein, 2014). According to Sheriff John Rutherford optimum years of service for a police officer is 25 yrs.  A police officer dies within five years of retirement.  Police do have higher rates of suicide then other people, and police officers do not retire well. Police do have a tough job, but so do many other Americans. Police have an oftentimes tough job, but there are many Americans have tough and jobs that are dangerous. This needs to be kept in perspective.


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