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Wasteful Spending

Identify costs which illustrate wasteful spending from either your personal budget or your organizations budget.  Articulate why these costs were never eliminated.

What benefit do these costs have in the daily operation or your daily life or workplace?  Do you see these costs being eliminated in the future? Why or why not?  Should other people be solicited for input before the costs are eliminated? How do you quantify your decision as a good one?

Instructor wrote: Budget cuts in our own lives, and on a larger scale in government, can be a bit painful.  As a result these cuts should be made carefully.  Consulting with those who will be impacted is an important step in the process.  This assures that you’ve critically thought through the cuts.  Some think such measures are overblown, but when you consider that stuff cuts could result if a budget isn’t balanced, it becomes a significant issue.  Consider this example from PoliceOne from New York:  http://bit.ly/1GdhqP5

Do any areas come to mind that might be wasteful in a police department’s budget?  Nice work in examining how cuts should be made.

Just the question in bold needs answered list references I posted our discussion first to give you a idea of what we were talking about thanks (as promised)

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