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Training Needs of the Department week 4 discussion 1

For this discussion, indicate how training programs can mitigate the exposure to liability and how available technology can improve training. In your discussion, address the following:

  • Investigate at least three (3) areas of training that require continuous planning and updating due to vicarious liability concerns.  
  • Compare and contrast the needs and foci of the training designed to address these areas of concern.
  • Research and explain three (3) forms of training that utilizes advanced technology which is designed to meet the training needs of the department.

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(Am)Vicarious liability holds an employer liable for certain scenarios when an employee acts wrongfully and while they are on duty (Peak, 2012). Additionally, there are many areas where a supervisor can be seen as being negligent. Within law enforcement, several areas need to be continuously planned and updated because of the liability concerns. One of the areas would be the different forms of harassment. Another area of training would be for firearms. In order to address the concerns and the training design, employers would need to make sure that the policies regarding these areas are updated. In addition, supervisors should hold their officers accountable for their actions, rather than looking the other way at times. As the years pass, the technology in this country continues to advance. Many of the new forms of technology help officers while they are on patrol or investigating a crime. It would make sense to utilize the technology for training purposes. One of the types of advanced technology is the use of conducting training online. Doing training online can have its benefits. For example, it is cost effective because an organization would not have to find a location to hold a seminar, unless there was one readily available. Another form of technology would be the use of simulators. When using a simulator for firearm training, the technology is able to not only test the aim of an officer, it also tests their decision making skills (Palk, 2011). By using a simulator, it gives a chance for supervisors to gauge their officer’s skills and to see if there are improvements needed to be made.

Palk, E. (2011, February 6). Firearms training simulator tests Somerset County cops’ aim, ability to make decisions. Retrieved from nj.com: http://www.nj.com/news/index.ssf/2011/02/somerset_countys_new_system_te.html

Peak, K. (2012). Policing America: Challenges and Best Practices (7th ed.). Boston: Prentice Hall.

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