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Trained Force week 5 discussion 2

Questions often arise regarding how to maintain a well-trained police force after the initial academy training. In your discussion, address the following:

What does instructional debriefing accomplish with regards to effective training?

What is the importance of instructional methodology?  

  Provide an example of desirable methods of training for veteran officers.  

  Why is instructional debriefing an important training technique?  

  What does instructional debriefing accomplish with regards to effective training?

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(Am) In service training can meet several goals. According to O’Keefe (2004), “training can increase productivity, improve morale, keep an organizational culture positive and optimistic, and even serve to protect and reduce the overall exposure to civil liability” (p. 192). In service training can also keep officers skills sharpened and learn new knowledge and techniques. Instructional methodology is important because it provides different ways for adults to learn. It has been found that the traditional methods of learning, such as lectures, are not the best way for adults (O’ Keefe, 2004). With instructional methodology, instructors can use several ways. The first would be to use role playing. Role playing can help because it enables officers to get a hands on experience without being in the field. Another method would be the use of simulations. Simulations can be seen as a version of role playing but on a much larger scale. Simulations may be where officers are acting out a situation in the field and teaches them how to react to whatever is occurring. While living in Washington State, the military base would conduct active shooter drills. These drills would teach the soldiers how to respond if this were to happen. Instructional debriefing is an important training technique because it gives a chance to stay involved and give feedback about the scenario. It may also help them to understand why certain actions were taken. Instructional debriefing can be used to understand what needed to be learned, review what was learned, and how to improve the training.

O’ Keefe, J. (2004). Protecting the Republic: the education and training of American police officers. Upper Saddle River: Pearson Prentice Hall.

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