Writing Part 2

You have already written a draft that explores some of what “They Say” about the topic of spectatorship and social cohesion. You have also written a draft of a descriptive essay in which you report on your first-hand observations of spectator behavior. And we’ve ALSO had extended conversations and readings on this topic.

For your final draft, you will develop your own contribution to this conversation and present it in the form of an academic argument that does the following things:

  1. Begins with a compact, problem-statement introduction that establishes the context for your contribution to the conversation.
  2. Presents a thoughtful, specific claim statement that makes it clear what your contribution to the conversation is going to be.
  3. Presents clear, focused subclaims that relate to the claim in each body paragraph.
  4. Elaborates and develops the subclaims in persuasive detail.
  5. Presents sufficient evidence, drawn from our readings and your own observations, to support the subclaims in each body paragraph.
  6. Acknowledges and responds thoughtfully and respectfully to the objections that others might have, throughout the draft.
  7. Smoothly incorporates source materials (quotations, summaries, paraphrase) into the argument and correctly cites those materials following MLA style (in-text citations and a Works Cited list).

Do I Need To Use Sources?

Yes—you will be able to re-use the writing from your first rough draft (your synthesis of three sources) throughout this final draft. You may also go back to any of the sources we read this semester and mine them for more material. And you may, if you wish, seek out additional sources on this topic.

Page Length: Aim for 6 pages (double-spaced); you may go over that length.

I attached the draft i did below. and when you scroll to the bottom you can see the professor’s response about the draft.

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