Writing Respond essay , writing homework help

Hi, everyone

I need someone to write an outline and essay both of them in an individual file

The outline should look like the following attach

please it should be like the following attach , my professor is an accurate person

Also writing the respond essay or reader respond essay , I will attache the story , so you can write a respond essay , thanks so much ,

Any one wants to choose this assignment please , be on time and creative , i will be very grateful. Also, you should have Quotations – in text

which means 1- Introduce the source ‘

2- to use and cite the source ‘

3- to explain the information’s recommended to your paper. Also it should be two or three pages only 2 or 3 pages not more or less. Also AS MLA format = Work cited. so you should have sources (work cited) for your respond on the story. Finally this is my notes which I have written in the class from her. Question will be the topic

Answer the question will be the thesis

Underline pers chapter

From A to 5 lines

114-for two way of organize paper

It should be 3 sections preview summary 30 percent

70 precent announces

The summary in the begining in the body

You have to analyze more than summarize

Third person { I’m not sure )

The name of work + background or put your Question in the bottom.

Specific summarize to support your thesis

interruption can be evident

the majority of papers should explain the interruption

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