Written comparison of shows I Love Lucy and The Andy Griffith show, writing homework help

The topic for this first assignment is a written comparison of “The Andy Griffith Show” and the “I Love Lucy” show, comparing lifestyles and setting and one other aspect such as tone, pace, or filming techniques.

This 700-word paper is due on Sunday, September 11th by 11:59 p.m. The complete requirements and guidelines for this paper are shown at the end of the Module 3 lecture (click on the words “Module 3” in the left hand menu to get to the lecture).

Here are some tips for writing this essay:

1. Write a strong thesis sentence for your paper and put it in your first paragraph.
A thesis sentence is a sentence that states as specifically as possible what you are going to focus on in the overall essay. Here is a sample thesis sentence, for example, “The ‘I Love Lucy’ show and ‘The Andy Griffith Show’ both portray American families, but with very different lifestyles, settings, and filming techniques.” (Do not use this thesis sentence; write your own.)

2. Organize the rest of the paper with a paragraph on each of the topics you choose (American families, different lifestyles, settings, and filming techniques).
–Write a topic sentence for the first sentence of each paragraph that tells what that paragraph is about.
–Use an example from one of the shows in each paragraph to illustrate that topic.
–Please don’t make the mistake of filling up your paper by laboriously retelling the plots of these episodes — we have all already seen the shows.

3. Write a concluding paragraph that summarizes what you have discussed in the essay

4. Add a Works Cited list at the end citing any episodes you talked about from the two shows (see the “Before You View” page in the lectures for complete citations all ready for your use).

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