You have to find examples- support the evidence mentioned, writing homework help

Please fix the attached three works, and also add the follow missing information:

1-lit review

Note: almost all of your sentences would have citations. These need to be modified. You have a have a huge problem here, you wrote your medical researchers paper, you are the public health provider and needed to added food insecurity, you have a lot of revisions to do, you were also suppose to write about legislation related to this issue.

2-methods and results

Note: This portion of the paper needs to take the legislation you spoke about in your lit review and prose charges and predict the outcome.

-You have to find examples- support the evidence mentioned

-Statistics/ data of how many people in the U.S has food insecurity

-Missing two visuals-propose a political change( like the one making food prettier/ trade policies then propose solution

-say what the policy changes is – then state how you’re going to fix

-Educate people on how just because it not pretty it’s not healthy

-the sell by data level- educate that is not to throw away

-Trade policies supermarket donation

-Change the standards for produce

-Talk about what will happen if you change those things and what is the differences of % between before and after this happen( how much food waste are now)

-compare U.S food waste to other country

Use this information(6 billion of ugly food are waste, 200 million of cherries, and 40 billion of supermarket- total of food waste-

Add this chart, and talk about it


Note: you need to be more specific in your righting, your paper is written well but does not have the required detail for the reader to know specifically what your position is, you need more substance in your paper, you are just tip toeing around the topic.

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